The Things Kids Say…and Happy October :)

“I practiced 9 days this week!”

“Easy peasy, lemon squeezey!”

I had to laugh when a cute 1st grade girl said that last one in reference to playing her new “Old Clock” song. Where do they learn these things?? And the second grader that was confused about how many days are in a week made me look at my office partner and try not to laugh. I have had a MARVELOUS first month of being a music teacher at a Christian school. Happy October 1st, by the way!!

I have 21 students here, mostly between the ages of 6-11. Adds up to a lot of beginner lessons. Fun, fun! Our theme at school this year is “Build Up”, and I am definitely in the ‘building’ stage of my piano studio. I have such cute precious kids who are in love with the piano and music right now. I have challenged myself to do my best to help grow that love and motivation for music even as they get older! I’ve noticed in this last month of teaching that once the students hit about 7th grade, a huge percentage drop out of piano lessons. I have only 2 students above 7th grade! Oh how I miss Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Bach, Tchaikovsky . . . Oh well, for now I am stuck with Faber and Faber.  🙂 Except I’m not really stuck–there is soo much amazing music out there even for a first grade level. I love Martha Mier, for example, and am using some of Burgmuller’s pieces for the older ones. (I knew that project I did on him in college would come in handy some day!) So, even if it’s not as challenging or amazing sounding as the Classical composers, my students still enjoy and find it exciting to play some new music outside of the lesson book.

There’s so much I could write about what I’ve learned this month–through the lessons, teaching out of Faber’s Primer Level book (I have stopped going in order of the pages!), and my music classes. Playing Strauss and waltzing while playing musical chairs, listening to Bach and eating candy corn, and using rhythm instruments with the March of the Toy Soldiers from the Nutcracker are just a few of the fun things we’ve been doing in 1st Grade Music. 🙂 I definitely have a job that I love, and I’m so thankful for it! And I’m thankful it’s fall! I love the colors that I missed so much when I was in SC!! My day is done here at school, and I’m off to my brother’s soccer game. 🙂 

Happy October!!