Overture – Start Here!

The music of my life began in the middle of a snow storm in February 1990. Four years later, I started expressing the music already in my soul through weekly piano lessons. I learned to read and play music before starting Kindergarten, and before learning to read words! Four was a big year for me, because it was also in that year that I accepted Christ as my Savior, as a young child in a large Christian family. My spiritual and musical journey began back then, and this blog is simply me sharing what God has done and is doing in this life journey of mine. Feel free to browse, read, laugh, share–collaboration is one of my favorite aspects of music, and I would love to hear from you! We are all in this life symphony together, with different entrances and melodies and styles, orchestrated and conducted by our Heavenly Father. I am happy to share life and music with you!

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